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Professional and qualified mechanics

Groupe Pro Mecano,
a team of pros!

Groupe Pro Mecano is a service of in-house mechanics. We are specialized in Diesel Mechanics and we repair all kinds of light and heavy trucks as well as all specialized vehicles. Our technicians are specialists and our work is guaranteed.
We started this new division in 2018 to meet a growing market need: The lack of manpower. No matter what your field is if you have a fleet of vehicles on the road, you are certainly already faced with this reality. Your vehicles need maintenance and repairs in order to continue generating income! The equation is simple, but the solution is less obvious!
Groupe Pro Mecano is your SOLUTION! Our Mechanics move in our mobile units containing all the necessary equipment to perform your maintenance and repairs in your garage at your facilities. Whether you need a full-time 2-week replacement during the holidays, a full-time mechanic days during a specific busy season or simply need a day a week all year round…OUR MECHANICS WILL BE THERE FOR YOU !


Do you URGENTLY need a MECHANIC for heavy vehicles?
You lack manpower, difficult to recruit suitable candidates?
You do not have enough work to offer full-time positions and no one is applying for your part-time position due to the shortage of HR in the market?
Are your employees costing you too much (insurance, social benefits) are you tired of the growing bureaucracy (CNESST, government declarations)?

Do you simply need a temporary staff replacement (injured employee or paternity leave, annual vacation replacement)?
GROUPE PRO MÉCANO is the solution!

We will provide you with a COMPETENT MECHANIC who will travel with all the necessary equipment to carry out YOUR repairs and maintenance in YOUR facilities.

Our solution is simple and effective

Competence: Our specialized mechanics travel in our mobile units that are properly equipped to meet your different needs. Our employees are experienced and they benefit from continuous training.

Reliability: Whether you need our services one day a week (long-term part-time) or 2 full consecutive weeks (occasional full-time); WE WILL BE AT THE POST! Our services are billed by the hour and different plans are available to you.

Savings: Whether in managing your time or in related costs related to HR, with GROUPE PRO MÉCANO you will save time and money! NB: You can continue to do business with your parts suppliers without any problem. Otherwise know that we have more than 25 regular suppliers available to supply us quickly.

Flexibility: Because we know that each company is unique and therefore its needs too; our mechanics will adapt to your needs and your “modus operandi”, whether it is to complete your in-house forms or to follow a particular working method.

Mécanicien d’équipement lourd/moteur diesel

Permanent job $25.00 to $35.00 per hour according to experience
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450 349-5009

We come to meet you at your company to determine your needs and present our service offer. Contact our Development Director Mrs. Sicard 1-855-MECANO-1 (1-855-632-2661) ext. 223 or by email at to schedule an appointment or reserve your staff.